with Rob Daly


After a career working for ad agencies and film studios producing artwork (using a series of Macs), I’ve taken on the fun and rewarding task of teaching people about their Macintosh computers. 

I teach Mac OS and Finder plus Apple software such as iPhoto and iWeb.  Sometimes I just make the printer work.  I work with people in their homes and by remote screen sharing, too.  My typical client is over 40 and I have two over 80!

I’ve noticed those ah-ha moments, when a concept or a skill becomes clear and memorable, rarely happen in multiples. They happen one at a  time and that’s how people ask me to teach.  “Don’t overload me,” they say and it’s what gave me the idea for one Mac “tip” at a time. 

These aren’t tricks as much as they are skills, some more advanced than others. Things built right into your computer that you may not know about. Some illuminate a path out of trouble and some are just for fun.

I’ll cover topics and software randomly: one post for Safari, the next for Mail and so on.

So here goes.  Let’s see how many I can come up with.

Welcome readers and welcome, 2010.

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